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Tree of Lies

Transforming Decisions, Behaviors, and Relationships By Gaining Perspective On Your Identity In Christ

Good Fruit Starts With Good Roots

Jesus taught it. Nature proves it. Good trees produce good fruit. Unfortunately, discipleship has turned into trying to produce good decisions, behaviors, and relationships without examining the health of the roots. Your identity – where you seek worth and significance – feeds the root of who you are.

In the pursuit of trying to produce good fruit in your life, Jesus becomes just another person you need to make happy. This mindset leads to an exhausted and frustrated spirituality.

Instead, discipleship should be developing awareness of who you already are in Christ.
Following Jesus is not about doing more and complaining less.

Tree of Lies equips you to experience transformation in your decisions, behaviors, and relationships by:

  • Developing awareness of areas where you are pursuing wholeness apart from God.
  • Identifying the triggers and lies that cause you shame.
  • Creating a new mindset focused on the truth of who God is and who you are.
  • Helping you get off the 'trying harder' cycle.
  • Reducing busyness and anxiety.
  • Identifying sources of conflict.
  • Energizing and deepening your relationship with Christ.
  • Beginning to live the purpose for which you were uniquely designed.
  • Learning a healthy response to setbacks and failure.


Open up Tree of Lies and take the first step toward understanding your true identity in Christ.

Tree of Lies is available in hardcover, softcover, and ebook.

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